Property / Liability Package

Readily available and competitively priced, Property & Liability package polices are the mainstay of Pizzeria Insurance Coverages.

These versatile policies offer a veritable “Chinese Menu” of coverages you can add and/or subtract as meets your needs and your Risk Tolerance.

RISK TOLERANCE: As individual as… individuals.

Everyone has a Risk Tolerance – a risk they are willing to accept in the course of business. There are Pizzeria Owners that want one with ‘everything on it’ and others that want it a simple as can be.

Some people have no problem with accepting the first $5,000 of any insured property loss and others that cringe at a $500 deductible.

The Simple Risk Rule: Never Risk a Lot to Save a Little

While you may be able to rationalize buying minimal property insurance, you simply Can Not take on the risk of buying little or no Liability Insurance. According to the research, general liability claims may cost more than $75,000 for defense and settlement costs when a lawsuit is involved. Researchers from Hartford said that about 35 percent of general liability claims end up in a lawsuit.

Research based on the Hartford Insurance’ liability claims showed that about 40 percent of small businesses will likely experience a general liability claim or a property liability claim within the next 10 years.

Burglary and theft are the two most common reasons for claims.

According to a five-year data analysis of liability and property policies, theft and burglary claims had an impact on about 20 percent of small businesses. However, they ranked lowest on the list of most costly claims. The average cost of a claim was about $8,000.

Claims for fires rated in the top five list for both the most costly and the most common claims. For fire claims, the average cost was about $35,000. During the past five years, about 10 percent of small businesses were affected by fires.

Let us help you ‘build’ your policy based on your Individual Risk Tolerance.

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